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La prochaine conférence donnée par  Dr Andrey MATSKO aura lieu le 11 juillet 2018 à 11h00, salle de conférences du LAAS-CNRS, elle sera suivie d'un cocktail déjeunatoire.

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Optical whispering gallery mode resonators for high spectral purity signal generation

par Dr Andrey MATSKO

Chief Technology Officer of OEwaves Inc., Pasadena

Le 11 juillet 2018 à 11h00

Crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators (WGMRs) are characterized with kHz optical bandwidths achievable at room temperature. Such a narrow bandwidth enables their applications for generation of high spectral purity signals in both optical and radio frequency (RF) spectral domains. For instance, WGMR-based self-injection-locked semiconductor lasers can be created in visible and IR, and have characteristics better than any other laser of similar size. As the result, miniature gyroscopes and clocks become feasible. WGMR-based X-Ka-band microwave photonic oscillators are characterized with spectral purity unachievable in both optical and electronic devices of similar form factor. Kerr frequency combs generated in WGMRs pumped with continuous wave light result in generation of femtosecond optical pulses on a chip. The frequency comb integrated with a miniature agile laser can be utilized for optical frequency synthesis. These and other applications will be discussed and analyzed in the presentation.

Short CV 
Dr. Andrey B. Matsko, Dr. Matsko, Chief Technology Officer of OEwaves Inc., has actively worked in the fields of laser physics, quantum and nonlinear optics, photonics, and quantum measurement theory since 1997. He contributed to the development of technology involving crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators, including electro-optical modulators, RF photonic receivers, optical and RF photonic filters, delay lines, clocks, magnetometers, gyroscopes, oscillators, and lasers. Dr. Matsko has authored and coauthored more than 180 peer-reviewed papers as well as 40 US Patents. He is a Fellow of OSA as well as Senior Member of IEEE and SPIE. He received multiple awards, most notably from Jet Propulsion Laboratory the 2005 JPLs Lew Allen Award for Excellence "For seminal and unique theoretical contributions in quantum optics, in particular, the nonlinear interactions of optical crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators, leading to the establishment of this new area of research at JPL". Dr. Matsko is also the recipient of the 2007 NASA Space Act Award in recognition of contributions to the National Space Program and the mission of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.




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