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La prochaine conférence donnée par Jean-François Bonnefon aura lieu le 22 mai 2018 à 11h00, salle de conférences du LAAS-CNRS, elle sera suivie d'un cocktail déjeunatoire.

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The Moral Machine Experiment

par Jean-François Bonnefon

Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
Professeur à Toulouse School of Economics

Le 22 mai 2018 à 11h00

With the rapid development of AI come widespread concerns about how machines will behave in morally charged situations. To address these concerns, we must quantify societal expectations about the ethical principles that should guide machine behaviour. In response to this challenge, we deployed the Moral Machine, an Internet-based experimental platform that is designed to explore the multi-dimensional moral dilemmas faced by autonomous vehicles. This platform enabled us to gather 40 million decisions from millions of users in 200+ countries. In this talk, I will summarise global moral preferences, as well as individual and cultural variations in the strengths of these preferences. In particular, I will describe three major clusters of countries exhibiting substantial differences along key moral preferences about autonomous vehicles. These differences correlate with modern institutions as well as deep cultural traits.


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Short CV 
Jean-François Bonnefon received a PhD in cognitive psychology and is a research director at TSE (CRM-CNRS-IAST). He received the bronze medal of the CNRS, is a senior associate editor of Cognition, and a member of several other editorial boards. His work appeared in 100+ publications, including articles in Science, Psychological Science, Psychological Review, and Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

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